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What are YOUR 7 Key Numbers?

If you don’t know your 7 Key Numbers, you’re not alone – but almost certainly losing money that you should be pocketing!

The 7 Key Numbers concept is one of the foundational elements of Cash Flow Engineering®. These are the seven specific areas of every business that control your cash flow. They are simple, universal, and yet nearly always overlooked (ask your accountant what they are and you’ll get a blank stare.)

But knowing these seven numbers – and understanding how to use them – unlocks the power to ensure consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow in your business. So it’s worth a few minutes for you to learn what they are – and to identify YOUR 7 Key Numbers.

Here they are:

  • #1: Number of leads The 7 Key Numbers that drive cash flow.
    For measuring your marketing effectiveness
  • #2: Sales conversion rate
    For measuring your sales effectiveness
  • #3: Customer retention rate
    For driving long-term customer value
  • #4: Number of transactions per customer
    For driving cash flow and repeat business
  • #5: Average price per transaction
    For driving cash flow and boosting margins
  • #6: Variable costs
    For managing your production expenditures
  • #7: Fixed costs
    For managing your overhead and efficiencies

Know that you know them, how do you use them? That’s what our company, Cash Flow Engineering, LLC is all about – teaching business owners, entrepreneurs and key managers how to use these tools to increase revenue, control costs, reach higher goals, and build stable, thriving companies with consistent cash flow

We currently offer three levels of engagement, one of which will be perfect for you. Click the links below to learn more about our services and how you can master your cash flow quickly and permanently.

Cash Flow Mastery –  Learn on your own through this entry-level online course.

Cash Flow Mastery–Platinum – Advanced course includes monthly webinars, Q&A calls.

The 90-Day Cash Flow Makeover – A 13-week crash course in gaining and maintaining control of your cash flow.

Not sure which course is right for you? Give us a call at 606-416-2078!

About the Author Jeff Prager

Jeff Prager has founded, run, grown and sold dozens of businesses, small and large. Along the way he's developed the 7 Key Numbers that drive revenue in every business - the core of Cash Flow Engineering. Jeff is an author, speaker, consultant, and business coach, and an adjunct professor of economics at UC Denver.

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