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Videos and Webinars – Control Your Cash Flow Now

Videos and Webinars


Video Replays:

These videos were recorded live as webinars.  Whether you’re watching them again or for the first time, be sure to take notes – there area plenty of actionable ideas you’ll want to employ!

25 Ways to Increase Cash Flow

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.23.19 PMThe #1 objective of a business owner is to generate cash flow. Without sufficient cash, everything comes to a grinding halt.

In this special presentation, small business specialist and entrepreneur, Jeff Prager, will deliver 25 strategies for driving consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow to grow a healthy, stable company.imgres



Your Sales on Steroids –

How to use Automated Marketing and Sales Systems to Triple Sales and Pump Up Profits

Have you everSteroids said, “If only I could clone myself – I could get so much more done”?

Creating systems and processes, and then automating those processes, can give you almost the same freedom – more time to do what you need to do, that is… sell.  The great news is that creating and implementing automated marketing and sales systems in your business is practical and affordable, even for 1-man operations!  In this complementary webinar, we’ll show you how the most effective sales operations are building automated systems to increase their lead capture, follow up, and closings by up to 300%.



Creating Your 2017 Marketing & Sales Playbook

Every successful sports team has a playbook – a list of actions to take in any foreseeable circumstance.  Likewise, every sales team should have its list of “what to do when…” plays that address every conceivable situation, from dealing with customers to handling economic challenges.  Here’s how to create your playbook!



5 BIG Myths That Are Killing Small Business

Running a business is a learned skill.  However, too many of us have learned the WRONG way to manage and grow a company.  And much of what is accepted as truth is actually detrimental to success.  This 1-hour presentation will shine a light on modern myths of running a business – and show you how to correct faulty processes to keep your company humming along profitably in any economy.



The 5 Cs of Cash Flow Management

Struggling to get control of your cash flow?  You’re not alone!  88% of business owners site cash flow management as their biggest obstacle to success.  The good news is that with the right guidance you CAN get control of your finances and balance what goes out with what’s coming in.  In this 58-minute seminar, Jeff Prager illustrated 5 Key Steps to permanent cash flow management.