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CRM & Marketing Automation – Control Your Cash Flow Now

CRM & Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation is no longer a luxury; it is an absolute must for small businesses.

Cash Flow Engineering® is all about implementing processes in your business that deliver predictable results. Processes require measurement and automation.

For a sales team, a critically important tool is a robust CRM (Contact Relationship Management) application that is easy to use, gives your sales team instant access to their entire funnel, and give management instant reporting and the ability for make sales and revenue projections.

We recommend Infusionsoft as your CRM + Marketing Automation + Workflow Automation All-In-One program.  Cash Flow Engineering, LLC is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and licensed retailer and service provider.

Why Infusionsoft?  Simple – there is no better or more powerful marketing automation tool for the money!  Infusionsoft is:

  • Easy to learn and useICP_logo_2color
  • Combines powerful automated follow-up and nurture tools with a CRM, Task Management, Calendar, and Sales Funnel Automation
  • Cloud-based and accessible from any connected computer, smart phone or tablet
  • Keeps all marketing and sales contact information in one location
  • Shows entire prospect/customer history, including emails, actions and downloads
  • Store all customer files online for easy remote retrieval.
  • Competitively priced for small business
  • All support services as US based.

And, yes, we use Infusionsoft ourselves as the engine to deliver all our emails, keep track of new contacts, manage our mailing list, and service our Cash Flow Engineering Academy members!

Note:  Already have a marketing automation platform, but need some expert help getting the most out of it?  Call us!

Yes! Infusionsoft is scalable to grow with your business yet affordable for most small businesses, even start-ups, and is perfect for builders, remodelers, retailers, manufacturers and sales teams from 1 to 50.


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For more information or to schedule a demo, call Scott Stroud at 606.416.2078. Or, complete the brief form below:

Case Studies

Clever Investor Escapes Cascade of Multi-System Chaos to 1,600x Annual Revenue

  • Increased annual revenue from $5k to $8m
  • Expanded contact list from 2k to 250k
  • Grew from 100 customers to 21k customers (210% growth!)
  • Grew from two to 18 employees
  • Challenges

Clever Investor provides online real estate investment education to people who want to network, grow their investing business, and create long-term wealth. Owners Cody Sperber and Matthew Leitz used a host of systems to promote and run their business, including iContact, BigCommerce, and Kajabi. But they rapidly encountered the cascading chaos of using multiple systems—they were disorganized, working way too many hours, and unable to pull away from administrative tasks to focus on the quality of their product.

Spending all that time on admin, they faced challenges personally engaging with their clients, a core component of their business. And since real estate education is a highly competitive industry with expensive advertising rates, Cody and Matt needed a solution that would give a high return on marketing spend.


Cody and Matt put Infusionsoft into action because they could target specific audiences, promote educational content, follow up with prospects, and turn subscribers into buyers with Infusionsoft’s marketing automation platform. This meant continuous, personalized interaction with their leads and clients that lead to better customer service and experience.

Infusionsoft’s CRM also meant they could maximize the value of every lead by enabling the sales team to prioritize leads and auto-trigger phone and email contact.


Now that Matt and Cody don’t have to spend so much time in the business, they have more time to focus on the business. In the years since implementing Infusionsoft, they grew their annual revenue from $5,000 to $8 million, and hired 16 new employees. Automating their lead nurture and educational content distribution helped them grow from 2,000 contacts to 250,000, and from 100 customers to 21,000.

“We [attribute] a very large portion of our success to Infusionsoft. We utilize every possible marketing automation feature to create very sophisticated marketing and follow-up sequences that not only turns more subscribers into buyers, but also delivers content and training to our customers in ways that help them become more successful.”


Real Wealth Network Ditches Patchwork Services for All-In-One Automation and Achieves 1,000+ % Revenue Growth

  • Grew annual revenue by 1,118 percent
  • Increased customer base by 490 percent
  • Expanded contact list by 1,500 percent
  • Grew from 5 to 12 employees
  • Challenges

Real Wealth Network is a real estate investment club that teaches members to build wealth and gain the freedom to live life on their own terms. Co-founders Rich and Kathy Fettke had a “good” problem: Real Wealth Network had plenty of members, but they struggled to provide the personalized solutions their members required.

They also grew frustrated cobbling together technology solutions like 1ShoppingCart, Quickbooks, and Google Calendars, so they lost a lot of productivity trying to make their systems work instead of recruiting or educating members.


Infusionsoft provided the one-system solution Rich and Kathy needed to personalize content and work efficiently. They used Infusionsoft’s contact management system to tag and segment their list, which personalized their communications and helped them better nurture leads and serve their existing members. Their podcast generates the most leads, and they use targeted email communications to fully leverage its value.


Real Wealth Network exemplifies the long-term success Infusionsoft users experience. In eight years, Real Wealth Network’s revenue increased 1,118 percent. Contact management and automation have helped increase their contact list by 1,500 percent, and giving their members a personalized experience has helped grow their customer base by 490 percent.

In 2013, Goldman Sachs named Kathy Fettke one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, and Real Wealth Network has been featured on CNN, Fox Business, NPS, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

“Infusionsoft allowed us to go from using the old method of ‘duct taping’ different services together, to using a system that helps us communicate more effectively between employees and create a better user experience for our members. It’s also allowed us to have a dashboard of what’s working in our business and what needs attention. This has led to consistent growth over time of revenues, employees, and customers.”


Financial Company Gets its Operations in Order

  • Doubled sales in one year
  • 20% increase in leads
  • Grew customer base by 33% and contact list by 57%
  • 22%growth in annual income
  • Challenges

Sum of All Numbers provides accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping services to San Francisco Bay Area small businesses. Since 2006, they’ve achieved a lot—they were even listed in Intuit’s top 200 accounting business. As business rapidly expanded, founder Holly DeVito spent hours manually inputting data, tracking sales and opportunities, and endeavoring to maintain personal relationships with all her clients and prospects. Holly’s hours doing manual input increased exponentially as business took off, but time spent did not add up to more sales closed.

Without accurately tracking her leads, Holly couldn’t engage with them at the right time or assess when they were ready to buy, which lost her sales. And Sum of All Numbers’ email service, Constant Contact, just couldn’t keep up with the growing demand and sophistication the business experienced.


In 2015, Sum of All Numbers replaced Constant Contact with Infusionsoft. The first step was to construct a sales pipeline that would not only keep track of where prospects were in the purchase process but would serve them the content they needed when they needed it. With their automated pipeline, they were able to reconnect with lost leads—and ultimately, convert them into sales.


Within a year of joining Infusionsoft, Sum of All Numbers doubled their sales. Now, they are able to harness their social media activity to amplify lead-generating content. Through that alone, they capture about 40 leads per month, and because of the pipeline they constructed, they’re able to continually engage with those leads.

Within that same year, their leads increased 200 percent and they saw a positive bump in conversion rates. Sum of All Numbers even achieved an 88 percent retention rate, a feat for a business in an industry notorious for struggling with customer service. There were positive effects on the business too—Holly was able to increase the team from 12 to 17 members.

“Infusionsoft helped me streamline my services. All of our service information, request forms, and on-boarding materials [are] in Infusionsoft, which is and/or can be integrated into any follow up sequence. Due to the nature of our company, which is strictly service-oriented to other small businesses, we are able to use Infusionsoft to get potential and current clients the information they need in a timely manner without overburdening their time.”