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Cash Flow Engineering – The Seminar – Control Your Cash Flow Now

Cash Flow Engineering – The Seminar

Manage Your Business with 7 Key Numbers

Presented by Jeff Prager & Scott Stroud

7 Numbers SeminarTotal Presentation Time – 6-8 hours (adjustable to your schedule.)

Keeping a business successfully afloat takes time and attention. But where you focus that attention is critical. In reality, there are just 7 Key Numbers that, if monitored and managed, generate virtually all revenue, profits and cash flow. This seminar will help business owners and managers gain more control of their business’ growth by showing how these seven numbers relate to one another, and how to manage them to achieve consistent and predictable results.

This full-day seminar, appropriate for associations, corporate meetings, Chamber Groups or business peer groups, is fast-paced and delivered in a lively, interactive manner by two seasoned speakers – Jeff Prager, Founder of Backroom Management Services LLC, and marketing automation expert, Scott Stroud, Business Development Manager for Power Marketing.


Learn your 7 Key Numbers… then learn how to improve each one!

Seminar Agenda:

Part 1: The 7 Key Numbers that Drive Revenue and Cash Flow – Jeff Prager
As business owners, there are lots of numbers that we have to look at every day. But of those, there are just 7 Key Numbers that drive all revenue and profits. Learn to manage these 7 numbers and you’ll be able to manage your sales, your growth… and your future!

Part 2: (#1) Lead Generation: Where Marketing and Sales – Scott Stroud
Marketing is worthless if it doesn’t result in sales. Yet, most business owners miss the critical ‘missing link’ between their marketing efforts and actual money-in-the-bank sales. What’s this missing link? You’ll find out here!


Part 3: (#2) Sales – Converting Leads into Buyers – Scott Stroud
Is selling an art… or a science? Salespeople like to think of themselves as artists, but businesses thrive on processes that deliver consistent and predictable results. Top performing sales organizations exist where technique meets processes. We’ll show you how to control both.

Part 4: (#3 & #4) Generating Upsells, Resells & Referrals – Scott Stroud
The easiest sales are to people you’ve already sold to… and to the people they refer to you. Do you have a formalized program to reach out to your past and existing customers? If not, this session will be invaluable to you!

Part 5: (#5) Pricing your Homes for Profit – Jeff Prager
There’s a big difference between market price and profit. But done correctly, you can have both. Profitability comes from understanding the difference between cost, mark-up and margin… and most business owners get this one wrong! We’ll show you why, and how to become more profitable immediately.

Part 6: (#6 & #7) Controlling Costs – The Key to Profitability – Jeff Prager
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and that which you measure tends to improve.” In this part you’ll learn how to accurately measure and manage your costs to increase profitability.

Part 7: Putting the 7 Numbers to Work for You – Scott Stroud & Jeff Prager
The key to effective sales and business management is to break these activities down into basic processes that are definable, consistent and that deliver predictable results. We’ll answer your questions, plus show you how to begin building better processes for your business.

Seminar includes printed handouts and downloadable resource materials.

Accolades for this program:

“I know how we all are looking for meeting programs and wanted to let you know that we worked with Scott Stroud and Jeff Prager for a full day sales and business seminar at our annual meeting. Our members have been very pleased with Scott in previous years and this year’s program was no exception. Jeff and Scott combined knowledge joining Jeff’s 7 Key Numbers that Drive Revenue and Cash Flow with Scott’s Lead Generation: Where Marketing and Sales Meet to create a dynamic program. Our members are still talking about it and I think your members will equally benefit from the information. The bonus was that they provided information that they could take home and immediately apply to their business processes – we had retailers, community owners, suppliers and manufacturers equally pleased with the quality of the information. Everyone sat through the entire program.

– Mary Gaiski, Executive Vice President, PA Manufactured Housing Association

About the presenters:

Jeff Prager, Founder, Backroom Management Services

Jeff-Pic---current-2010Jeff Prager is a former CPA turned CEO/CFO, and has owned and/or managed several multimillion-dollar companies, including one of Colorado’s largest privately owned homebuilding companies. His 40 years of experience taught him one key fact about running a business: Any business can be managed with far less effort if the owner tracks his 7 Key Numbers.

Jeff founded Backroom Management Services to help small businesses across the country learn to install processes and systems based on his 7 Numbers concepts, and to learn to manage for cash flow, not just profits.

Jeff is also the developer of CASHFLO™, a cloud based estimating, accounting and business management system that automates business management while giving business owners far more visible access to their numbers, dashboards, and reports than ever before.

Scott Stroud, Business Development Manager, Power Marketing

Scott_smScott Stroud has been involved in the business of marketing, designing, selling and building homes for since 1980. In 1993 Scott was appointed Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Jim Barna Log Systems, and over the next 10 years helped that company grow sales from $6 million to over $32 million in annual revenues, and has since worked with sales and marketing organizations within the housing industry.

A major focus today is in the use of technology as a marketing and sales tool to better attract, capture and convert leads, particularly online, into the sales funnel. Scott is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and helps sales organizations create campaigns that deliver more sales, more quickly.

Call 606-416-2078 for details, pricing and available dates.

Note:  Special pricing for associations.  Keynotes also available.