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How to Easily Track the Numbers That Drive Your Sales

Two of the 7 Key Cash Flow Numbers measure the number of leads coming into your funnel and your conversion rate.  Monitoring these numbers is critical to the health of your company - and your income.  However, these numbers, and their components, are sometimes hard to monitor, measure and adjust.

Forrest Dombrow, founder of Solve Sales, LLC, is an expert at tracking what matters in your marketing and sales.  In this 30-minute webinar he outlines why these numbers are critical to your business, and how to track them to close more sales.


If you’re Not Tracking Your Leads, You’re 

Losing More Sales Than You Know

Increase Your Sales with SalesTrackerTM

Every business owner and every sales professional should be able to answer these questions:

  • How many new customers do you want to get each month (your goal)?
  • How many new customers do you currently get each month (your starting point)?
  • What is broken or missing in your sales process that needs to be fixed so you can make it to your goal?

To answer this third question, we ask additional questions like the following:

  • How many leads do you get each month?
  • How many leads are qualified?
  • How many qualified leads make it to the proposal stage?
  • What percentage of qualified leads do you close?

The sad reality, though, is that few of us really have solid answers for those questions. Some have expensive CRM systems that are just too complicated to use to get simple, actionable reports. Others just “don’t have time” to track every lead. Either way, the result is the same: Track them… or lose them!.

If you don’t have a simple way to track your marketing and sales results, figuring out the best way to increase your revenue will be like throwing darts while wearing a blindfold. You’ll waste tons of money, lots of time and make little progress.

SalesTracker solves this problem for you.

What is SalesTrackerTM?

SalesTracker is a spreadsheet designed by marketing and sales experts that makes it super-simple to –

  • Follow up with hot leads more consistently so you close more sales
  • Automatically track your marketing and sales results with no configuration needed
  • Self-diagnose leaks in your sales process
  • Create targeted solutions that will improve your results

SalesTrackerTM is available in either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel format and allows for simple customization.

Why is it Better?

Tracking your key sales numbers with SalesTracker will be transformational for your business. You’ll immediately find opportunities to dramatically improve your marketing and sales results.

If you are already using a CRM or other sales tracking software that is complicated and makes it hard for you to report on key numbers, SalesTracker will be a welcomed compliment to your current system by showing you the information your current system is collecting in a real, usable format.


Many people don’t track their sales numbers effectively because their CRM is too complicated. Most systems are like those TV remote controls with 100 buttons when you really only use 5 of them. Other people simply don’t track anything because they’re just too busy and not sure where to start.

Entering a lead into SalesTracker takes about 30 - 60 seconds and it only requires you to fill out one line on a spreadsheet. There are no complicated or unnecessary screens for you to click through. It’s so simple you’ll actually use this tool.

Deceptively Powerful

Despite its simple data entry format, all the key charts and reporting a business owner or sales pro needs to understand your marketing and sales results are available automatically. Other than populating a few custom fields, you don’t have to configure anything to get deep, powerful insights into your business.

Diagnostics Built In

Tracking and having key reports at your fingertips is half the battle. The other half is being able to interpret the data and turn your insights into action steps that will increase your sales.

SalesTracker has diagnostic buttons built into the reporting dashboard that allow you to self-diagnose the problems you’re having… and help you develop solutions for improving your results. We don’t know of any other tracking systems that have this capability. It’s like getting free consulting just for using the tool!

The Price Makes it a No Brainer

For a limited time, we’re offering SalesTracker for only $49 (regularly $197). While SalesTracker is not meant to replace a full-blown CRM or marketing automation software, the price point makes this incredibly powerful tool a no brainer for any size business.

How Can I Get a Copy of SalesTracker for my Business?

SalesTracker is available only from Cash Flow Engineering. Get your copy today at the special introductory price by clicking the big red button below!

*Choose either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets format when ordering.

Track every sale through the customer journey with SalesTracker.

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