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Books And Workbooks – Control Your Cash Flow Now

Books And Workbooks

Get Control of your Cash Flow – and all Key Business Processes – with these resources from Cash Flow Engineering:

Educational Materials: Available through our nation-wide network of Certified Cash Flow Engineers.

50 Ways50 Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow (eBook; PDF format)

By Jeff Prager  Looking for new ways to generate consistent and predictable cash flow? Here are 50 total strategies condensed into 28 actionable pages! Don’t let the small size fool you – any of these strategies might be EXACTLY the idea you need to put your company in the black and keep the cash flowing in. Each of these strategies has been tested and proven – many by the author himself in his multiple businesses.    PDF Digital Download: $97!   CONTACT YOUR CERTIFIED CASH FLOW ENGINEER TO PURCHASE

PeddlersSonCoverThe Peddler’s Son: How my Dad’s Tiny Business Taught me to Grow Multimillion-Dollar Companies (Paperback)

In this book, Backroom Management founder Jeff Prager augments the business wisdom his father passed down with his own forty years of experience as a CFO, CPA, and business owner. This remarkable book distills a combined 75 years of father-and-son business experience into 6 Success Factors that every business owner needs to read, learn and apply. $19.95 plus S&H (Softbound)  ADD TO CART

Managing with 7 NumbersManaging Your Business With 7 Key Numbers

Use 7 Key Numbers to help you earn greater profits with less time and energy Many builders and contractors struggle to get a clear picture of where their business is at the moment – and where it’s headed financially. By the time you compare your accounting reports with your job costing, estimating and change orders, and pipeline, it’s too late to make adjustments to guarantee profit. This book will help you see where you stand every day, with every job, by monitoring just 7 Key Numbers that drive all profits and cash flow, including: Number of leads, Sales conversion rate, and Customer retention rate.
Stay on top of every job! Follow the steps in this book to create a process that will let you know when costs or scheduling deviate from the estimate—in time to respond before those changes cost you money.  $34.95 plus S&H (Softbound)   ADD TO CART

Financial Forecasting_front coverFinancial Forecasting  With Microsoft Excel

4 out of 5 businesses fail due to cash problems – needlessly. Every business owner has the tools to accurately forecast cash flow, they just don’t know it. Financial Forecasting in Microsoft® Excel shows small- to medium-sized businesses how to achieve the same forecasting power as larger companies.   $44.95 + S&H (Softbound)    ADD T0 CART

7 Numbers WorkbooksThe 7 Key Numbers Step-by-Step Videos + Workbooks

These resources provide everything you need to identify your 7 Key Numbers and systematically improve each one. Each video + workbook is a stand-alone seminar on one of the 7 Key Numbers, taught by the master entrepreneur who developed the system and has used it to run multimillion-dollar companies.   $497 plus S&H (Delivered digitally.)    CONTACT YOUR CERTIFIED CASH FLOW ENGINEER TO PURCHASE

coverWhat’s Working, What’s Not (Assessment)

This full business assessment is as comprehensive as it is simple. It walks you step-by-step through the process of rating every aspect of your business on a scale from 1-10. Then, it helps you spotlight where your business needs help and prioritize your next steps. Not only is it ideal for diagnosing your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it helps you save time, energy and money in your processes. The results: a better bottom line. $549


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