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Cash Flow Mastery – Control Your Cash Flow Now

Discover how the "Hidden Numbers" in your business

can be the real keys to unlocking...

Consistent, Predictable and Sustainable Cash Flow!

If you are a business ownerentrepreneur, or in a leadership position... tired of working long hours with little real growth or equity to show for it.... and no matter if your business is decades old or just starting out...

This course is tailor-made for you!

Cash Flow Engineering uses non-financial data - your marketing, sales, and operational statistics - to 'steer' your business toward your best-possible outcome and to drive consistent, predictable and sustainable cashflow. It turns conventional business management on its ear by giving you the tools, knowledge and insights to achieve greater control of your future with less time, energy and money invested.

In a nutshell...

Cash Flow Mastery is a monthly guided self-study course for business owners, CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs. Each module includes a written workbook with 'fill in the blank' worksheets and  examples, many with videos and additional tools, such as spreadsheets and analysis forms, that you'll use every day to manage your business for greater growth and cash flow. 

This is an entry-level "do it yourself" course designed to help business owners learn and employ simple but powerful internal processes that will help you generate and maintain consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow.  Join today at the introductory price of just $39/month.

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners –

It’s a sad fact that every business in America faces – 80% of all start-ups won’t make it 5 years… and of those that do, only 20% of them will last until their 10th anniversary.

That’s a staggering 96% of businesses that fail within 10 years! And the #1 Reason businesses fail is because the owner isn’t watching the one thing that can keep the company alive – cash flow.

Cash is the lifeblood of your company – if you’ve got positive cash flow, then you can pay yourself and your staff, cover your debts, and grow the company. Without cash flow, your business struggles, you can’t take advantage of premium pricing, and life gets pretty miserable. That’s why even profitable companies go belly up – because they don’t manage their cash flow!

But there's something you need to know:

It’s not your fault!

You, like myself and most business owners on the planet, were taught that to succeed, you had to make a profit. So every business school in the country teaches profit-based management… but they neglect the more critical aspect of cashflow. Profits are important, but you can last for years without making a profit (Amazon, Google, Facebook…) but you can’t last a day without cash!

I was indoctrinated with the belief that only profitable companies endured, and that generating profits was the #1 objective of a business. In fact, I started my career as a CPA; I audited companies and advised business owners about how to make their companies more stable and profitable… and I never, EVER understood the power of these hidden numbers – what I call the 7 Key Numbers – until I owned and ran my own business.

You’d think a CPA would know better, right? You’d be wrong. My startup sputtered along for a couple of years before I began to look more closely at why one business in a particular industry and area would be very successful, and that another business, seemingly identical in nearly every way, would struggle... or fail completely.

And that’s when I began to see ‘patterns’ in the numbers that changed my life. Over the next 40 years I went on to own over 20 highly successful businesses – and to manage or act as CEO, CFO or partner for over 150 others. And I did it all by watching and managing the 7 Key Numbers that are the foundation of Cash Flow Engineering®.

Get 40 Years of Business Management Experience

Condensed into bitesized, non- 'financial geek',

Easy-To-Master Monthly Lessons

Enroll in Cash Flow Mastery Now!

Running a business is a learned skill.

The problem is that there isn’t anyone teaching the lessons that I’ve learned over the past four decades from the School of Hard Knocks. So, I’ve created a brand new company, Cash Flow Engineering, LLC, dedicated to helping business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs develop their ‘cash flow spider-sense’ and learn these powerful principles and techniques for generating consistent and predictable cashflow – year after year.

This is your invitation to enroll in  Cash Flow Mastery.

Remember the movie The Matrix, where the characters could have whatever knowledge and skills they needed downloaded directly into their brain? Well, this program is as close as it gets! 

What you’ll gain from Cash Flow Mastery

  • Master your 7 Key Numbers and learn to control your cash flow... and never run short of cash - ever again!
  • Learn to set a realistic vision and goals for your company - and virtually guarantee that you achieve them!
  • Chart how money flows through your company, and learn to create processes that ensure you'll always have the cash you need to grow
  • Uncover the 'potholes' in the road that threaten your business - and learn how to avoid them (and the damage they cause!)
  • Best of all, you’ll obtain the tools and skills you need to more quickly achieve the ultimate reward of running a successful business - more time, energy, money - and the freedom that these can give you.

Big Benefits... Small Price (And Satisfaction Guaranteed!)

I know this sounds like I'm promising you the moon - another 'too good to be true' offer... And you probably don't even know who I am or why you could trust a word I say. Well, read on and I'll explain:

So, why I am practically giving away thousands of dollars worth of valuable training instead of keeping it under wraps exclusively for my elite clients?

What I learned and was able to achieve over the next 40 years wasn’t because of any Harvard connections (I attended University of Colorado because that’s what I could afford… and I ended up teaching there later!), it was because of hard work and a thirst for knowledge and a better way to ensure success.

Great question! You see, I started life with very little. I was a kid from the projects, not one of the privileged few. I worked doing odd jobs after school to help my family make ends meet, and I worked to pay my own way through college

Yep, I favor the small business owner because that’s where I come from. So to keep this information locked away to share only with wealthy clients just isn’t in my DNA. What I have to share is so powerful and can have such a profound impact for every business owner – in any company and of any size, from startup to mature corporation – that I just have to make it available to the masses – to those that may never have the opportunity or resources to hire me in person… or at least to anyone that has a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to follow these simple steps to achieve success.

Because we're making Cash Flow Mastery available at a price everyone reading this can easily afford – just $39/month. (You spend more than that on coffee every month... and coffee won't improve your bottom line. This will!)

Jeff Prager, CPA & Cofounder

The question you should really be asking yourself is…

“Am I going to be one of the savvy few that takes advantage of this unique, business-building training… or am I going to dilly dally around until the offer is gone and I’ve missed out? If I sign up and the course is as good as promised, what will I gain? And if I don’t, what will I lose?

Enroll in Cash Flow Mastery today and take advantage of this special offer... and at special introductory price of just $39/mo*.

Click the button below to get started.

Here’s how Cash Flow Mastery works:

Every month you'll get access to a new well-documented and illustrated lesson released in the order that makes the most sense for you to learn, apply an grow.  Each lesson is 7-15 pages in length and includes an Action Plan Worksheet that you’ll want to complete (yes, there will be homework involved, but you’ll love it!)   And WE PROMISE - YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ACCOUNTANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS STUFF!

Cash Flow Mastery will dive deep into these key areas of business:

The 7 Key Numbers that drive all revenue (8 lessons)
These numbers are the key to generating consistent cash flow and building a bulletproof business. You'll learn how to see clearly where your business is today... and 'see the future' by charting where what you do today will take you in 3 months, 6 months or the next 5 years. These 7 Key Numbers help you monitor, measure and manage your marketing, sales, service and cost controls, and are the key to consistent and predictable cash flow.

The 8 Ps of Streamlined Management (8 lessons)
Want to know how experienced owners and CEOs 'read' their businesses to make the best business decisions? They have 8 'levers' that they use to manage every function in a company... and we'll reveal how you can use these same tools to build processes and systems that will automate your business. It’s all here in the 8 Pillars that support success.

The 6 Success Factors that every thriving business employs (6 lessons)
What do all highly-successful businesses have in common… and how can you make sure your business is aligned with the best of the best? This is the ‘secret sauce’ of success… and it’s all yours as part of the Cash Flow Engineering program.

Speadsheets, checklists, videos... and more!
We don't just tell you what you should do - or even show you how to do it.  We give you the tools to implement every strategy we teach.  When you need a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress, it will be included in this course, along with instructions and examples on how to use it. (In fact, the spreadsheet's alone are valued at over $400!)  Plus, get monthly tips, videos and a comprehensive workbook that will keep you moving forward and generating more cash flow from less work than you've ever experienced.

Every lesson builds on the one that precedes it, and all are strategically designed to get you started quickly with all the information you need to lay your business foundation first, and then build from there, piece by piece, in a logical, cohesive format. No hype, no conjecture, just solid, actionable business intelligence.

​Begin generating consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow - 

Join Cash Flow Mastery NOW!

Click the button below to join - now just $39/month*.

*Introductory price of $39... for as long as you choose to remain a member!  This offer will expire after the 200th member, after which the price will revert to the retail price of $97/month.  If you get in on the introductory offer, your price will never, ever expire or increase.  So, join now!


Your Money Will Be Returned Immediately If You are Not THRILLED With What You Learn From This Course

If this course isn’t everything I’ve described… and you don’t get value from the materials and information I’ll be sharing… or you’re unhappy with your enrollment for any reason… then you can simply cancel at any time, no questions asked. And if you cancel within the first 3 months, you’ll get every penny you invested returned to you immediately (and you can still keep all the course materials you’ve received).

How’s that for an actionable, no risk offer? That’s how much I believe in the value that I have to offer… and that you’ll receive through this business course.

Join Cash Flow Mastery Now...

Yes, Jeff, I want my 7-15 page monthly lessons to learn how to streamline my business, get more done in less time, generate consistent and predictable income and cash flow, unlock the full potential of my business, and achieve the lifestyle that business ownership can give me!

I understand that my initial charge will be $39.00, and that my card will be auto-charged $39/month for as long as I choose to remain a member… and that I can cancel at any time.

*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, education, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee as to earnings or results.

I know I mentioned this earlier, but just want to stress it one last time because I think it’s one of the most important benefits to you by enrolling in Cash Flow Engineering®.

These principles work in any business… of any size, from startup to mature company, online or offline … and in any industry – production, manufacturing, sales or service. These principles will work for you… if you use them.

Imagine for just a moment...

You come to work in the morning relaxed and enthused about the day’s activities and opportunities. When you arrive, you find everything humming along like clockwork. You sit down at your desk with a cup of hot coffee, glance at your computer and review your company’s key performance statistics. By the time you’ve finished your coffee, you know exactly what area of your business deserves your time at the moment… and what to do to ensure your company moves in the right direction today. By noon, you’ve taken care of every task on your list and are able to spend the rest of your day working on your vision for the future… or in whatever activities leave you feeling most vital and satisfied.

If this picture doesn’t excite you, then it’s probably time to pack it up and think about finding a mindless job in some corporate machine.

But, if this does sound exactly like what you’re looking for, then let’s get started right now!

All you need to do is take me up on my risk-free offer by clicking here to enroll.

Jeff Prager, Founder