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Business Checkup – Control Your Cash Flow Now

Where is your business headed?​

How close are you to attaining your goals?

Is your business on target, or has it drifted off course?

And really, how is a business owner supposed to know?

If you have a GPS in your car or phone, you will always know where you are, where you’ve been and precisely where to steer to get to your destination.  Even if you are traveling in an area you’ve never been in, you are virtually never lost as long as you follow the directions provided.

A Business Checkup is like a GPS for your business – showing you precisely where you are and the fastest route to achieve your goals.  But rather than use a satellite to pinpoint your position, we use your historical data – the numbers you already have – and compare them to your objectives as revealed by your vision, mission and business plan (and if you don’t have those fully prepared, that’s okay – you will when the Business Checkup is completed!)

Components of a Business Checkup:

I.  Financials

We start by reviewing the last 3-5 years of  financial data, if available,  to determine trends and patterns that you or your accountant typically don’t look for.  We use these to determine your current business trajectory.

II.  Interview

Once all the information is collected, we compile it into a comprehensive report that will pinpoint exactly where you are in relation to your goals and the fastest, safest path to achieve them.  It will contain a competitive analysis, a SWOT report (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), as well as a detailed review of your internal processes and recommendations on how to improve efficiency and results for each area of business.

III.  Report

Next, you’ll meet with a Certified Cash Flow Engineer to determine your business and personal goals, market conditions and opportunities, competitive analysis and your team’s strengths and potential weaknesses.  We’ll explore areas of your business that aren’t revealed in your books, such as your marketing messaging, sales processes, staffing requirements, and how you fulfill your products or services. This discussion is usually performed onsite and can 6 - 8 hours to complete.

IV.  Strategies, Tactics and Action Plans

The Checkup goes past merely reporting where you are.  We’ll provide you with a list of specific recommended strategies that best fit your business profile  - best practices tailored to your business to generate consistent measurable improvement.

Each strategy will include recommended tactics and Action Plans for you to use yourself or delegate to team members, along with deadlines, responsibilities and measurements.  

Additional Services:

Many business owners find that the Business Checkup gives them all the tools they need to work on their business and realize immediate improvement.  For those that appreciate the value of professional guidance in implementing the best strategies for growth and improvement, we offer personalized consulting, coaching and advisory services through our network of Certified Cash Flow Engineers, providing a trustworthy bridge over the traditional “knowing/doing gap”.

Don’t let the lack of a clear path forward stop you from attaining your goals – the real reason you started your business!  Gain crystal clarity with a Business Checkup.