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About Us – Control Your Cash Flow Now

About Us


Our Mission

Cash Flow Engineering®, LLC was founded by Jeff Prager and Scott Stroud as a training and advisory company for CEO’s, business owners and key managers, helping them develop and implement marketing & sales, operational and financial systems that generate consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow, growth and enhance the value of their companies.

Our primary goal is to help small businesses achieve improved cash flow in 90 days or less using elegantly simple, common sense solutions that drive positive cash flow in any economy with less time, energy and money.

Benefit of Cash Flow Engineering: and efficient and vital business with consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow that fosters faster, more stable growth and ultimately builds more enduring value.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

Problem:  Small businesses too often lack proven systems for sale and marketing, operations and financial management. As a result, owners and management apply ‘we’ll learn as we go’ thinking that stifles productivity, profits and cash flow and slows growth while they attempt to construct effective processes. Many never achieve that goal.

Solution: We produce detailed ‘how to’ programs for business owners, including manuals, workshops, workbooks, podcasts, webinars, seminars, self-study programs, newsletters, spreadsheets, and our famous “Tip of the Week”. Then, we offer hands-on consulting through our network of Certified Cash Flow Engineers to help business owners apply these principles in their own organizations. We generate proven recipes that help you become more effective and more profitable, more quickly.

Business Self-Evaluation

How is YOUR business doing?  Are there areas where improvement would increase your revenue and cash flow? Do some issues seem too daunting to try to tackle without some experienced guidance?

Download our 79-point check list.  Check the areas where you feel your business excels, and put an ‘X’ by the items where you know it needs some work.  Then, if you think we can be of help, give us a call and let’s go over your list and your thoughts together.

The 7 Numbers of Cash Flow Engineering®

The 8 Pillars of Cash Flow Engineering®