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2 Comma Warriors – Control Your Cash Flow Now

You aren't in business for a paycheck.

You are in it to win - to build something lasting and that will return the rewards of your risk, hard work, determination and savvy.  

If that describes you, then you're a 2 Comma Warrior and we invite you to join an elite community of business owners with a common goal of building a business to reach $1 Million in gross profit... and keep going from there.

The 2 Comma Warriors group is led by Jeff Prager, an entrepreneur that has earned his 2-comma badge several times over.  Jeff is a nationally known author, speaker and business coach, founder of Cash Flow Engineering LLC and the author of Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers.

The 2 Comma Warriors meet online once per month as a group, and each has a private call with a 2 Comma coach durning the month to help you identify and work on the areas that are most critical to optimize performance and reach the '2 Comma' goal.

Here's what you'll receive as a 2 Comma Warrior:

  • Monthly group calls.  These 2-hour 'roll your sleeves up and get to work' action calls each focus on one critical element of success and include a Workbook, Worksheet and additional notes.  Each call is led by Jeff Prager, and many feature visiting experts.
  • Private Coaching.  Depending on your specific needs, a 2 Comma coach will work with you 1-on-1 each month, helping you identify problems and implement corrective actions to strengthen your business, optimize your processes, and move more quickly toward your goals.
  • Annual Business Evaluation.  Receive a Business CheckUp - a deep, interactive analysis of your business at the end of each year of membership, along with a detailed report and suggested actions  - a $4,950 value!
  • Entrepreneur's Tool Chest.  These monthly nuggets of business incite are included with your Membership. Each workbook is a stand-alone course in business management, covering everything from marketing and sales to production, planning, leadership, HR and more.
  • Live Seminars. Every month you'll be treated to a new live webinar featuring innovative ways to better manage our business for maximum results.  The Q&A sessions at the end tend to be in depth and candid - a priceless added value to your membership.

See what our members are saying about 2 Comma Warriors:

Don't stop.  Don't wait.  Don't settle.