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Every business, large or small, is governed by the same immutable rules:  Provide a product or service at a reasonable profit, satisfy your buyers and keep a positive cash flow.   The most successful companies create processes that generate predictable, sustainable results to ensure all three mandates are met. 

The 7 Key Numbers Matrix is the simplest, easiest way for any business to generate consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow – in any industry or market.  It takes only minutes to learn, less than an hour to implement – and you can get it here at no charge - we won't even ask for a credit card - but only for a limited time.

About Us

Jeff Prager, Founder

Jeff started life as a CPA but spent most of his 40-year career owning and managing numerous businesses as diverse as a large homebuilding company, a clothing manufacturer and an accounting firm. He developed the 7 Key Numbers and the 786 Business Control Dashboard, the foundation of Cash Flow Engineering®.  Jeff lectures throughout the country on business, finance and cash flow management.


Scott Stroud, Co-Founder

A nationally know speaker and marketing consultant, Scott began marketing and selling new homes in the 1980s and spent over a decade as VP of marketing for an international housing producer before leaving corporate life to consult with small business on marketing and workflow automation. An Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Scott designs and builds marketing processes that result in more sales and increased cash flow.

Jeff and Scott help breathe new life into struggling businesses by giving business owners the tools to control their revenue and cash flow, not just account for it. They make business management easy - even fun!

S. Robert August
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I've spent my entire life as an entrepreneur and read countless books and courses on business management. None have had the impact on my bottom line that Cash Flow Engineering has had. I now feel confident as to where my business is going and in full control of my future.

Noel Lane III
John Doe UI/UX Designer


5 Big Myths That Are KILLING Small Business in America.  

Some of the most common beliefs - accepted as fundamental truths by business owners thoughout America - are resonsponsible for the loss of billions of dollars of revenue - and the failure of countless businesses.  Don't fall victim to these 'myths'...

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