Join Our Faculty

Do you posses a passion for helping business owners thrive...

and have something of value to share?

Our mission at Cash Flow Engineering is to make a difference for business owners by helping them learn to create and implement systems that streamline their marketing, sales, operations and financial management.  Our goal is to make available great content that empowers entrepreneurs... and we're looking to our Faculty members to help us accomplish that.

If you have a program, workshop, tool or process that will help business owners, entrepreneurs or key managers better manage their business with less time, energy and money... then we'd like to help you promote it!

​CFE Faculty are recognized experts in their fields.  They have a keen grasp of the challenges facing small business today, and a track record of success as company leaders, industry consultants or content creators.  Our Faculty are people who have "feet on the street" experience and are willing to share their insights with others.

As a CFE Faculty member, you'll receive:

  • Featured status on our Faculty page
  • Full promotion of your program and/or materials through CFE and other Faculty  members
  • We'll co-author and produce a live webinar to promote your work
  • A featured interview on the Cash Flow Podcast
  • Revenue sharing on all sales of your product as well as other CFE products you promote
  • Inclusion in all CFE live events

Requirements for Faculty

Our Faculty members bring the following:

  • Publishable content in line with CFE principles and values
  • History of proven results
  • Willingness to collaborate to create new content/programs
  • Ability to promote CFE programs to an established list​
  • An earnest passion to help small business owners succeed

If that's you, then we invite you to apply for Faculty membership.  And for a limited time, we're accepting new faculty members at no charge to you!  Click the button below to begin.