Take the next step in your Cash Flow Journey

Join a small group of local Denver area business owners and entrepreneurs as we explore new ways to generate consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow.

Our Cash Flow Mastery Platinum group meets every month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 8:30am - 11am at our training center in Centennial, CO.

88% of business owners struggle with inconsistent cash flow.

In fact, lack of cash flow is the #1 reason that businesses fail. We're here to stop all that for you and every business owner willing to roll up their sleeves and learn how to stop the cycle of 'hand-to-mouth' and 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'.

It all has to do with learning how to monitor the right numbers in your business, then setting up simple processes and systems that generate consistent results. That's what you'll get from joining our group.

Cash Flow Mastery Platinum blends the best elements of a mastermind group with the analytical actionability of a 20 group, allowing you to come away from every meeting with action strategies... and the means to implement them quickly to generate positive results.

Our goal: Positive, permanent results in your cash flow within 30 days!

PLUS... Live Q&As - every month!

You might be facing a unique issue in your business, one where how to best move forward isn't crystal clear.  We're listening... and ready to offer assistance through the live group Q&A sessions.  Every month members will be invited to ask questions or pose problems that we'll address with practical solutions.  You'll learn how others are applying Cash Flow Engineering in their businesses - what's working, how they've done it, and what results they're getting - so you can apply 'best practices' into your daily routine.

Join me along with a small group of like-minded local business owners in Cash Flow Mastery  for just $298/month.

Included with Mastery–Platinum:

  • Monthly Meetings 
  • Structured agenda
  • Every month a new workbook
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Spreadsheets, worksheets
  • Access to Cash Flow Engineering Resource Library
  • Live Monthly Group Mastermind & Coaching Calls
  • Q&A Sessions 
  • Case Studies
  • Access to Premium Resources Library
  • Members Forum - share with and learn from other members

Mastery–Platinum:  $298/mo

Dear Business Owner -

If you're feeling alone, you aren't. If you're thinking that you'd love to do this, but that you'll probably not use it, rest assured, you will.  And if you're worried that this course won't meet your expectations or that you won't see results, then stop worrying:  you will see massive results, and quickly.

Here's why:

We've all signed up for things with great intentions... but little commitment​. (Did I hear "gym membership?")  Most of those choices were prompted by either guilt or shame ("I know I should do better" or "I hate how out of shape I'm getting...").  Those motivators NEVER WORK, not on your kids, not on you.

So, don't join this program from a sense of guilt or embarrassment.  Instead, join because getting control of your cash flow is something you want - it will change your life - and you WON'T have to do things that are uncomfortable (like sit-ups) or be compared to some jock that makes everybody look bad.  

Getting control of your cash flow is in essence getting control of your life - your time, your energy and your freedom to what you want with every moment of your day.  Most business owners that master Cash Flow Engineering find that they spend less time and energy managing their companies once they have these systems in place - many no more than a few hours per week.  Their time becomes their own to enjoy family, or to devote attention to growing their companies and finding new opportunities rather than dealing with the day to day issues and "putting out fires".

If that's you - and that's what you want from your business - then you'll eagerly consume everything we share with you, apply it... and reap the benefits.

And here's our promise:  If within the first 30 days you aren't blown away with what you get from this program, then simply email us (info@cashflowengineering.com) and we'll stop your membership and refund your first month's dues.  After that, you can withdraw at any time. It's that simple.

You either want it, or you've already decided that this isn't for you.  No excuses, no "yeah, but...".

We look forward to sharing with you and helping you get where you want to be with your business.  That's why we're here.

Click the link above to join.

    Jeff Prager, CEO                                                 Scott Stroud, CMO