Build Your Value, Your Reputation

And Your Practice As A Certified Cash Flow Advisor

Q: Do your clients perceive you and your services as indispensable?

That’s a scary question, I know. But the answer is critical to your success.

Here’s why:

Compliance work is being commoditized. Tax preparation software is becoming more powerful – and getting cheaper – every year. Heck, even Wal-Mart wants a piece of the action (see screen at right). So, if you’re banking on a long career just doing bookkeeping, taxes and compliance work, your running the risk of becoming irrelevant, at least in your client’s eyes.

On the other hand, you know you can offer more value to your clients.

…That instead of just putting out fires you could help them avoid problems… if you were just involved before they made poor decisions.

After all, the numbers tell the story, and YOU are the one that can interpret them better than anyone else. And not just “what happened”, but what’s going to happen… and how they can profit IF they make the right decisions and take the right actions.

But YOU already know this. You know that if they would just analyze their numbers, both financial and non-financial, that they could see the path to success and take the right actions.

But they don’t.

And the reason is: Arithmophobia, that is, fear of numbers.

Most business owners don’t understand how to read their simple business metrics, or what their numbers really mean. So they just bury their heads in the sand and focus on what they do know – dealing with theIR day to day problems instead of focusing the big picture.

But, what if you had the power to change that – to help your clients understand what their numbers are telling them – and to be proactive in guiding their business to continued success?

Now, you do.

Transition to Business Advisory Services and join an $11B industry – with rapid growth!

According to IBISWorld Research, business advising is an $11B industry and growing. Here’s why:

As the economy cycles through its inevitable changes, business owners, many of whom lack practical experience, need professional guidance and advice to navigate the changes and avoid the pitfalls that can torpedo their growth and cash flow.

They desperately need your help… and are more than happy to pay for it.

A Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives found an ROI of 5.7 times the money paid for advisory services. Imagine – your input and knowledge can increase your client’s revenue by nearly 600% above and beyond your fee! No wonder the business advising and mentoring industry is experiencing incredible growth!

And that doesn’t factor in the added long-term benefits of a stronger, more profitable company, increased cash flow, and the capability to identify and engage new and profitable business opportunities. In reality, the effect you can have on a business as a trusted advisor is priceless.

“But, wait,” you say. “I’m just a ‘numbers cruncher’; I’m no consultant.”

In reality, you’re knowledge and perspective are exactly what your clients – and hundreds of other business owners in your area – need to build thriving businesses. You are more qualified that 99% of the so-called ‘business consultants’ that are offering their ‘canned’ advice in spite of not having your training, knowledge and experience.


I’m a CPA (recently retired) who transitioned my business from compliance work to more relevant advisory work… and it changed my life!

I realized early on that helping my clients save money on their taxes was great… but that helping them make better management decisions that allowed them to grow more stable companies and make more money was much more rewarding… and that my value to my clients went through the roof when I was able to offer my insights and advice.

What happened next was completely unexpected – my clients started asking me for more help… which actually led to my being offered numerous management and ownership opportunities. For example, because of my business expertise I was a offered a founding partnership in Ashworth Golf Clothing, today a thriving public company worth millions; I was brought in as a partner in a homebuilding company, a land development company… and served as CFO of dozens of other companies… all because I was willing to position myself as a trusted advisor and offer more than just tax work.

Now, my mission is to help you – and a select group of financial professionals around the globe – solidify your long-term relevance and make your mark as trusted advisors.

My name is Jeff Prager, and I've been developing this program for 40 years!

Jeff Prager, CPA & Cofounder

I’ve owned and run several businesses over the past 40 years, as well as maintained my credentials as a CPA. But early in my career I made the best decision of my life - to transition to Advisory Services.  Here's why:

After graduation, I started my career with Touche Ross, now Deloitte Consulting. My main function there was auditing businesses, some of which were in trouble. I realized two things: 1) Most business leaders did not have a grasp on the real numbers that drive revenue; and 2) I could offer more value to these struggling businesses if I could just work with them before they got into trouble. As an accountant, I was relegated to looking at ‘what happened’. I wanted to become involved in ‘what’s going to happen’ and keeping businesses safely moving in the right direction. I think many of you can identify with that.

But I found that when I did offer proactive advice, my value to those businesses went through the roof, my job satisfaction did likewise, and soon I began getting offers, not just for advisory work, but for partnership and ownership options.  That changed my career, and I believe it can change yours too.

Introducing the Certified Cash Flow Engineer® program for CPAs and Financial Professionals.

Over the past 40 years my team and I have created a templated process that allows us to quickly and accurately analyze a business, ascertain its strengths and weaknesses, and help the owner or CEO set and implement strategies for consistent, predictable and sustainable growth and cash flow. I’ve used these processes effectively with hundreds of businesses, and developed a turnkey program that you can use to achieve similar results with you clients.

This turnkey program includes everything you need to get started and grow your Business Advisory Services – and create new engagements immediately:

When you become a Certified Cash Flow Engineer®, you get everything you need to immediately begin performing advisory work for new and existing clients, all laid out in an intuitive and easy to follow process:

Step One: Initial Assessment

This brief question session opens doors to new and existing clients by quickly revealing areas of their business where small improvements can yield substantial returns, often within 30 days or less. This usually leads to Step Two, and is a very compelling first step to building your value as a trusted advisor.

Step Two: Business Checkup®


The Business Checkup is just one of the tools in the Certified Cash Flow Engineer's toolbox.  This brief demo shows how easy a BCU is to deliver.

This comprehensive, systematic review of the company’s internal systems, looks at all three major areas of the business: Marketing & Sales, Operations and Organization, and Financial Management. NOTE: You do not need to be an expert in all three areas – we’ve got that covered for you (you’ll just look like an exert to your clients!)

The Business Checkup generally takes just a few hours to complete, and our advisors routinely get from $2500 - $4,000 or more just for this one service… and this is only the beginning!

Then, you’ll present your client with a Business Diagnostic Report that will show them, based on the analysis you’ve performed, where their company is in need of help. This report is generated by us for you, based on their data, and will have them begging you for your help to fix the issues you’ve uncovered.

Step Three: Strategy

Based on the report, you’ll be able to choose from several templated strategies that address the needs of your client, and help them select the strategies best suited for them. (Wait ‘till you see this – the report makes choosing the right strategies intuitive and foolproof, and builds value immediately!)

Step Four: Tactical Implementation

Once a strategy has been chosen and refined to fit your client’s needs, you’ll have a checklist (and clearly defined instructions) to implement the steps and actions required to effect dynamic change for your client.

Step Five: Measure Results

Our program includes measurement tools designed to clearly demonstrate to your client the progress the company is making and the value you are rendering, as well as to hold the client accountable for the end results.

Step Six: Repeat for the Next Step.

Once you’ve helped your client fix issues in one area of their business – and begin increasing efficiencies, profits and cash flows – they will be eager for your continued help.

Best of all, you’ll be rendering value above and beyond tax preparation – you’ll be helping them build an enduring business, and enjoying the benefits of a more successful and streamlined operation.

And you’ll be building your reputation, your long-term relevance and your income as a highly paid and in-demand advisor.

Become a Certified Cash Flow Engineer and receive:

  • Comprehensive training to become proficient and confident as a Trusted Advisor
  • Proprietary tools, templates, Excel worksheets, checklists and manuals that allow you to attain “expert status” and deliver real, tangible value and results to your clients – often with 30 days or less.
  • Online and live support – whatever issues you encounter, our team of experienced coaches will be able to help you and your clients.
  • Weekly Office Hours calls – pose questions and get advise from our faculty and other CFEs.
  • Contracted ServicesIf you run up against an issue you don’t want to handle yourself, we have specialists on staff that cover every area of business. So, if you’re not comfortable, or just too busy to handle it, you can outsource specific tasks to competent professionals that have your best interests in mind.
  • Online eLearning ProgramCash Flow Mastery® is an online business training program designed for growing business leaders. With a value of $197/month, you can enroll your clients into this valuable skills-building course, and charge them whatever you want – you’ll pay just $25/seat and the entire program will be branded as coming from you!

What's your earning potential as a Certified Cash Flow Engineer?

Watch this to see what you may be missing...

Take Your Career to the Next Level – Schedule a 15-minute call.

If you dream of doing high-value work and building your reputation and business as a Trusted Advisor, then this is your invitation to apply to become a Certified Cash Flow Engineer®. Please note that not everyone qualifies, and positions are limited based on geography and market size. We consider applications as we receive them, and once a seat has been filled, no additional applications will be accepted. 

And it all starts with a 15-minute call to determine if this program makes sense for you. (NOT a sales call; this is just to answer YOUR questions and find out a little about you and your practice.

Depending on their size, it’s not uncommon for businesses to pay retainers of $3,000 - $10,000 per month for the services of an advisor. And that’s for just a few hours of your time and effort. You can quickly build an advisory practice that brings in $100k or more per month… and we can help you do that!

… But only if you apply and are accepted to our program.

Imagine waking up in the morning eager to get to work, knowing that your providing highly valued guidance to your clients – and working with higher quality clients that rely on you and consider you an indispensable part of their leadership team. That’s what becoming a Certified Cash Flow Engineer® is really all about.

Apply today by completing the brief application below. You will then be immediately contacted to schedule an interview with one of our Faculty who will explain the details, answer all your questions, and help you determine if this program makes sense for you.

Or, Call 303.221.0823 to schedule your call in person.