Cash Flow Engineering for Sales Professionals

Why do all Sales Pros watch their numbers?

Simple: You’ve heard that sales is a ‘numbers game’. Well, it is, but NOT in the way you think.

That old adage discounts skills, preparation and professionalism to focus on the sheer number of leads that it takes to make a sale. Talk to enough people and sooner or later you’re bound to sell something, right?


Cash Flow Engineering® is a better way to sell. It allows sales professionals to measure themselves and their efforts in real ways – and then focus on continual improvement. It’s not only about selling more; it’s about becoming a better sales professional and driving consistent, predictable and sustainable sales and revenue.

What would your life be like if you knew that your sales would continue to increase even while you were investing less time and effort?

Cash Flow Engineering® allows you to build processes that make that happen – fluidly and consistently. Among the 7 Key Numbers that Cash Flow Engineering addresses are:

  1.  Number of Leads Generated
  2. Sales Conversion Rate
  3. Average Transaction Per Customer
  4. Average Number of Transactions Per Customer
  5. Price

You’ll learn how monitoring and measuring each of these vital numbers will impact your performance and career as a sales professional – and how to create processes that ensure consistent growth and improvement, no matter the market.

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