Cash Flow Engineering for Marketing Professionals

Why do marketing pros watch their numbers?

As a marketing professional you have plenty of numbers that are thrown at you every day – Website Traffic; Likes, Shares and Followers; Cost Per Lead; Cost Per Sale…

It’s mind-blowing. Worse, you can spend hours upon hours engrossed in trying to make sense of all the data… and end up wasting your time following the wrong numbers!

That’s right – most of the data you’re inundated with has little bearing on the REAL metric that is all-important – sales.

Cash Flow Engineering® starts with marketing. In many ways, it is the most important set of metrics to a company’s fiscal health. Of the 7 Key Numbers that we teach every professional to watch like a hawk, the first five are:

  1. Number of Leads Generated
  2. Sales Conversion Rate
  3. Average Transaction Per Customer
  4. Average Number of Transactions Per Customer
  5. Pricing

Each of these five metrics is influenced by how you market, the message that you promote, and how you position your company in the marketplace – all functions of marketing.

Cash Flow Engineering® helps marketing professionals set up processes that not only monitor and measure your effectiveness in these key areas, but to effect consistent improvement in each area, no matter the market or industry.

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