Become a Certified Cash Flow Engineer

If you are a business consultant looking for a proven system

to find clients and drive revenue...

We Have The Solution!

Cash Flow Engineering is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs and key managers find the resources they need to thrive. Sure, our courses, workbooks and materials offer high value to those who have the time and resources to apply them as 'do it yourself' programs.  

However, businesses inevitably get to the point where they need some expert direction and coaching.  That's where you come in.

As a Certified Cash Flow Engineer, you'll have access to one of the most profitable consulting models in existence, including consulting templates that drive consistent recurring revenue, and a marketing plan that will put you in front of thousands of potential clients - business owners and entrepreneurs that are committed to learning and applying proven principles for growth.

One of the key tools we provide to Certified Cash Flow Engineers is training on how to perform a Business Tune Up® – a powerful consulting engagement that delivers high value and positions the consultant as a true expert.  It quickly reveals where a business is having problems that the owner might not be aware of and sets the stage for additional consulting.  The BTU is a cornerstone of Cash Flow Engineering, and is taught exclusively in this special program.

So, are you ready to take advantage of:

  • A proven template for profitable consulting that generates rapid growth
  • Tools that increase your value as a consultant and that drive more revenue, more quickly
  • A marketing program that will drive engagements and allow you to rapidly build your client list
  • A mentoring program that will allow you to increase your own skills and abilities
  • Exposure to thousands of business owners in need of your services?

Then, let's talk!  Call Jeff Prager at 303.221.0823 for a one-to-one conversation and to receive an application.